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Mõisaküla Masinatehas acquired the trademark Weimer

The beginning of 2017 has been a busy time for OÜ Mõisaküla Masinatehas. In addition to the products of the trademark Krabi which have been included in the product range for years and front loaders by Polish manufacturer Metal Technik added in 2015, there are many new products in Mõisaküla Masinatehas’s product range. In the beginning of 2017, OÜ Mõisaküla Masinatehas acquired the trademark and products of Weimer, a long-time manufacturer of timber trailers. Weimer is a company with 60 years of legacy, founded in Sweden. Weimer trucks and trailers are designed for professional use. Weimer’s production employs high-tech solutions, hydraulic components and materials of high quality. Weimer products are well known for their lightweight design, sturdy construction, durability and low maintenance costs. Over the years, products of the Weimer brand have been sold to countries such as Germany, Austria, Slovenia, France, Sweden, Norway, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland etc. OÜ Mõisaküla Masinatehas is delighted to be the new manufacturer of this forestry machinery with a long and dignified history and aims to keep offering premium quality products. The product range of Weimer, a trademark of OÜ Mõisaküla Masinatehas, may be found here.
In addition, our website has been thoroughly updated. During the update, the entire structure of the page was made more user friendly and the website is now also easy-to-use in mobile devices.

New products of Mõisaküla Masinatehas

In 2015, Mõisaküla Masinatehas OÜ established cooperation with Polish agricultural and industrial machinery manufacturer Metal-Technik, upon which Mõisaküla Masinatehas became the company’s official distributor in Estonia. The company began its operations in 2001 and its product range includes front loaders, loader accessories, hydraulic snow plows, street sweeping equipment, mixers and much more. However, Mõisaküla Masinatehas has started to sell front loaders, more specifically the model TYTAN MT-02. It is a low-priced loader, which can be used for various excavation, digging and haulage works. Detailed data of the loader may be found here.

25. aug, 2014